Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gimme Your Stuff

I found this fantastic website and this is just what i want.
I am 27 years old, married. Me and my hubby adopt 2 doggie and we love them so much.

what i can give:
handmade stuff(bag, apron, somethings for pet and etc)
magazines(in chinese but attached with lots of nice photo)
local snacks
used stamps(local or from other countries)
sticker or bookmarks(i have a huge collection of cartoons or cute stickers/bookmarks)
any other great things i can send
(TIPS: i prefer old things than modern's)

this is what i prefer
fabrics, buttons..
local snacks, food or drinks
crafts, interior design or gardening magazines
things for pets (for my lovable daughters)
anything else interesting


please dont send me anythings with cartoons on it, whereas i try to give mine out which i had collected a lot in the past few years

you can send me body lotion, shampoo, soap and so on. But just for your information, i am a makeup-free women. :p

Send me comment, lets swap~


PhantomBeauty said...

Hi my name is Leah and I live in the USA. I would love to arrange a swap with you. Please e-mail me at if you are interested. I can send you Magazines, candy, and buttons.

PhantomBeauty said...

Sorry I typed my e-mail wrong. It is

Gigalea said...

Hey there, if you are still interested in a swap I am in in Texas, USA. Would love to swap handmade stuff, native newspaper/magazines, fabrics, craft items,lotions and soaps.
Interested let me know... or

Kendra said...

hello! would you like to swap with me? Im a girl from california. :] i love swapping sweets,s ancks, coffees and teas, stationary, and other cute stuff from my country!

Giuli said...

My name is Giuliana, I'm a mum of 36, and I live in Italy.
I've taken a look to your blog trought GIMME YOUR STUFF.
I wish to trade Japanese craft books (felt, sewing and embroidery) or magazine (especially Cotton & Paint and similar), japanese fabric.
I can send anything you want from my coutry, if I'm able to find.
Do you trade again?
Happy to hear from you,
have a nice day!

meryg81 said...

Hello I am an Italian girl you want to make a swap with me?

Belgium said...


I'm Cindy from Belgium
I would be interrested in swapping with you!

Please let me know if interrested!


Dat said...

Hi! My name is Kathryn and I'm from the USA. I just recently joined Gimme Your Stuff. :) I was wondering if you'd like to swap with me?

I can send you: fabric, buttons, things for your pets, gardening magazines and of course candy/snacks! If there's anything else that you'd like just ask..

My swapping website can be found at:
If you are interested, have a look and leave me a comment.

J_Unspoken said...

Hi im jazmyn here is my Blog

I was hoping you would like to do a swap with me... I really want to visit your Country but its taking forever to get aProved for a Passport.haha but anyway I WOULD LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to SWAP WITH YOU....

if you do EMAIL me back at

or leave a Comment on my blog....

CANT wait to hear from you...

Special K said...

Hello! I am an American in Germany! Would you like to swap?